YummyColours® are designers of experiences and articulators of brands.

Our mission is to turn ideas into colorful impact.

It’s not everyday you get to create things you care about with people you care about, but it’s everyday for us.

Meaningful experiences connect everything to everyone. This is the real influence. People are power.

How we feel at home, work, and around each other is significant to fully unleashing creativity. At the end of the day, we’re all human.

Mistakes turn into lessons that turn into growth.
Let’s live, learn and do more.

Considering the world and those around you
is one of the greatest contributions we can make. Start small.

This is colourful impact.

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How We Measure Impact

Ensuring that whatever we create doesn’t hurt the planet. When we can’t, we offset the carbon footprint.

Purposeful Outcome
Striking the perfect balance between design, strategic thinking, while keeping the final goal at the forefront.

Respecting all those involved including: those who interact, consume and contribute to all experiences and creative outcomes. Never at the expense of others.

Creating moments that challenge standards, and leave everyone inspired, connected, and slightly different.

Our Services

Research, Positioning, Brand Book
Brand Narrative, Brand Storytelling
Tone of Voice, Naming, Product Launch

Brand Identity, Creative Direction
Print & Digital Design, Spatial & Experience Design
Digital Activations

Concept, Art Direction & Storyboarding
Campaigns, Editorial Content
Social Media Contents, E-Commerce
Production and Post-Production Management

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Denize Maaløe

Founder / Creative Director


With a design sensibility influenced by her native Denmark, Denize is a master of clean shapes and bright colors, and possesses a great ability to tell stories through visuals. She has worked in Paris, London and New York, counting as clients major design fairs, contemporary art galleries, and leading design publications – crossing easily between environments, print and digital.

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Diego Marini

Founder / Creative Director


Born the son of a typographer in Verona, Italy, design has always been a part of Diego’s life. He began his career designing branding for Italian sportswear labels before moving to Paris as digital art director for Watoo, and eventually co-founding UP! creative studio. Diego relocated to New York in 2010, working with several major brands such as Diane von Furstenberg, Nike and Pantone, winning a Clio Award for a book on DVF he designed for Rizzoli. He’s often to be found on two wheels, drinking coffee or nose deep in a freshly printed magazine, taking in its inky smell.

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Connie Lui

Creative Director

A native New Yorker, Connie is a Creative Director, photo enthusiast and foodie. Her body of work spans across many mediums from branding to print publications to digital projects and experiential campaigns. With one pinky toe in fashion, she is also the co-founder of We Are Owls, an accessory brand. She is often found gallery hopping, jamming to the top 50, and collecting aspirational images on Pinterest.

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Krystal Greven

Project Manager

As a Midwesterner born and bred, Krystal brings a Minnesota-nice to her cultivated communication strategies. With a liberal arts background, years of experience, and many countries traveled, she combines her interests in photography, cooking, and cats with her innate love for perfectionism to form the role of Project Manager.

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Rita Edwards


Back in New York after years in Europe and New England, Rita is a strategic design student at Parsons School of Design fascinated by the ways brands connect to social justice and how design can aid those relationships. She has a particular love for seeking out the ‘why’ behind trends and behaviors through research. Rita can be found roaming an art museum, struggling over a chess table, or searching for the next docu-series she’ll binge.

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Katie Osborne


Influenced by the strange swamp-scape of her home state of Florida, Katie is a designer partial to bright colors and bold patterns. Her years of experience as a graphic designer in NYC’s architecture world gave her a knack for distilling complex information into straightforward visuals. You might also find her styling vintage clothing, hiking in a national park, or persuading her friends to watch a horror movie.

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Aaron Bernstein

Resident Photographer

Under the digital guise of “Hungry Boy,” Aaron uses food as a navigational tool to reflect facets of contemporary culture. Originally coming from a fashion background, he seeks to create work that lives beyond one genre, instead focusing on the grey areas of art and style. Aaron began his transition from fashion to food as a 2018-19 Adobe Creative Resident. Since, he specializes in concepting and executing photography-based projects for clients ranging from Spotify to Aussie Hair to Under Armour. Select editorial work includes Punch, Taste Magazine, Ambrosia, and Vogue.com, among others. Aaron has given talks and hosted workshops with BarCamp, CreativeMornings, Chronicle Books, and AIGA.

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