This Place

Visual Identity


This Place tasked YummyColours to combine a medically-backed CBD product line with a lifestyle brand experience with deep thought leadership/customer education. The German brand of CBD cream needed strategy, design, a tone of voice, product naming, and editorial direction from YummyColours.


Through the kickoff in Berlin, where the two teams spent days together envisioning, explaining, and educating on the science and the brand, YummyColours saw a clear direction for This Place - a focus on women and more experiential than a topical cream line. YC came up with the idea of This Place based on the concept of organic connection inspired by the product’s natural ingredients and architectural spaces that people can pass through freely. The name, naming system, and visual identity are developed through this concept, and the packaging system further highlights the idea of the inner/outer where each individual box is a part of the whole by connecting through a hand-drawn illustration.
YummyColours went beyond the brand, beyond the product design, and created “the first German wellness platform around CBD and natural scientific healing.”

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Prompted by the brand’s desire to embrace an organic, handmade aesthetic, the line artwork used in the logo and on the packaging illustrations was created by drawing lines using a wax pencil on a masonry surface and digitizing them.

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Product colors

Each product has an associated shape that is used on packaging and informational digital content. The four shapes come together to form an abstract illustration that can grow with the addition of future products.

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Thisplace full packaging
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