Sophy Holland

Super Humans

"I like to shoot people as heroes—people larger than life, but filled with humanity."
—Sophy Holland

Sophy Holland, a NYC-based, British photographer, wanted to collect and celebrate a retrospective of her work in a new monograph, entitled Super Humans. The book's title and concept of Super Humans was inspired by the dynamic and powerful nature of Holland's photography, as well as her practice of shooting all of her subjects in a heroic and aspirational light.

The title also shares initials with and visually mimics “Sophy Holland.” The repeated SH allows for the front cover reveal and is used as a motif throughout the book.

Adhering to the theme of the valiant, YummyColours curated Holland's vast photography archive, selecting images that best exemplify her ability to capture her subjects’ confidence. To highlight Holland's signature palette, the images were then further divided into sections defined by color, consisting of complex blacks, deep blues, and striking red accents.

Reflections and texture—commonly featured in Holland’s photography—punctuates the book, on the covers and throughout the pages. In addition to the content, the design of the book adheres to the theme, making use of unorthodox printing techniques—disappearing elements through the use of an acrylic sheet, reveals via gatefolds and cut-outs, and spot UV gloss to create a 3D feel.

The 146-page, limited-run book was designed in NYC by YummyColours and printed in Verona, Italy by Opero.

Client: Sophy Holland
Creative Direction and Design: YummyColours
Printing: Opero Italia
Book Photography: Aaron Bernstein

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