Plastik Magazine

Visual Identity


Plastik, the iconic Lebanese magazine founded in 2009 by Eli Rezkallah, challenged YummyColours to strategically streamline the communication amongst its brands -- Studios, Magazine, Gallery, and Shop -- each with a different visual identity. With unity as the ultimate desire, Plastik sought to modernize and simplify their visual brand in order to let their work shine while simultaneously standing out in a newsstand.


YummyColours took on the challenge and created a world that clearly encompassed all brands of Plastik. YC developed a system for this world that balanced structure and playfulness, and the modularity offered great flexibility with icon treatments and color combinations. To increase recognizability, YC paired each sub brand of Plastik to a specific color. In order to modernize the brand, YummyColours chose a simple and clear font shifting to lowercase, to keep Plastik friendly and approachable.

Plastik beforeandafter
200406 plastik3
Plastik emoji grid standalone animation
200910 plastik
200910 plastikyellowtote
200910 plastik 2
Mag covers
200406 plastik10
200406 plastik14
200910 plastik  2
200910 plastik  3
200910 plastik  4