Visual Identity


Omgivning, a Los Angeles-based architecture and interior design firm, needed a visual identity overhaul. Masters of the built environment, their existing branding was not conveying the strength of their message, especially as the company was poised for projects and collaborations from outside the L.A. market.


YummyColours took on the challenge by reviving Omgivning’s identity from logos and color palettes, to print and marketing collateral, to website experience. Using the firm’s ethos of human-first design, YummyColours implemented a new brand concept inspired by downtown Los Angeles’s Art Deco style, and the unique shapes of the tangram puzzle.

With Omgivning’s business goals in mind, the result was a visual communications system that supported each of the firm’s core values and services.

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YummyColours deconstructed and rebuilt the word “Omgivning” (which, in Swedish, means environment, ambience, or the way a space feels). The joint inspirations of playful geometries and downtown L.A.’s prominent Art Deco typography led to an untraditional architecture firm logo; its color, composition, and other elements convey the people and personalities that make up both the Omgivning culture and its projects.

With 2 incised Gs, linear Is, Ns, Ms and Vs, and a clean, eye-catching O to start, the newly energized logo and visuals maintain elegance amidst playfulness. They successfully convey Omgivning’s character across all its brand touchpoints, strengthening the firm’s overall communication through visual identity.


Creative Direction: YummyColours
Website Development: Bean LA
Animation: Elliot Robinson

03 omgivning
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Poster mockup vert and horiz copy