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Music is often associated with visuals, but rarely with smells. What if you could smell an album while you listen? To explore this idea, YummyColours chose eight albums, prompting inspiration from their musicality to their messaging to the stories behind their creation (like the label war behind Frank Ocean’s releases). They then imagined how these albums would translate as fragrances.


Vince Staples: Primadonna
Jenny Hval: Blood Bitch
Jamila Woods: HEAVN
Frank Ocean: Endless
Frank Ocean: Blonde
Flume: Skin
Justice: Woman


Creative Direction: YummyColours
Photography: Julia Comita
Olfactive Direction: Marissa Zappas
Photography Assistant: Matt Richards
Prop and Set Stylist: Morgan Levine
3D Details: Caitlin Joyce
Production: Numi Prasarn
Words: Daniel Janoff

This project is featured on Surface Magazine.
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