Lighthouse Vibration

Visual Identity


The Lighthouse Vibration involves the Circle of light – a sacred gathering for women seeking to restore their self-love and connection to the Divine. They use traditional herbal medicine self-care practices to heal and activate Divine Feminine Energy. Our task was to create a visual identiy that conveyed the experience of sound, breath, meditation, and movement designed to release, balance and energize the female mind, body, and spirit.


YummyColours developed a branding and logo-forward visual strategy inspired by the practices of Lighthouse Vibration. No two circles are the same and each gathering is a unique moment curated to address the needs of each woman joined together holding space in the collective. This is represented by the concentric tear drops. The tear-drop shape is akin to a flame, while the circle in the middle serves as the seed. Fire can give birth to new life, symbolizing the nature of the Lighthouse Vibration practive. The branding expresses continuty and feminine energy.

The logo is functional for both 2-D and 3-D environments, and can be translated easily across both channels. The type treatment elevates the experiences, while still remaining accessible.

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