Levi's x SZA

Music Activation


Levi’s® and SZA were partnering on a programming, music, and food education series in Camden, New Jersey. In order to carry their messages of engagement in healthy choices, nutrition, and advocacy for creativity, YummyColours was tapped to creative direct the look and feel of the long-term event.


Client: Levi's
Agency: ImprintProjects
Creative Direction: YummyColours
Director: Michael Belcher
Photography: Lauren Crew
Editing: Laura Tommaselli
Content Production: Claire MacDonald, Caroline Conrad


YummyColours directed the visual and conceptual takeover of the Camden Children’s Garden, implementing on-site visuals, branding, and production operations to create a cohesive kick-off event for the Concert Summer Series.
A video asset was produced to tell the story of the program through the participation of SZA and the Camden community, as they collaborated on the series of music workshops, local food education programs, and performances.

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Camden Children's Garden Activation

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SZA kick off the first performance of the Concert Series

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