Levi's x Alicia Keys

Music Activation


Levi's® Music x Technology program introduces students to sound engineering, audiovisual production and post-production, mastering, songwriting, and more. Partnering with Alicia Keys, they launched the program at Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn, NY.


To launch the Alicia Keys and Levi’s® Music x Technology program, there needed to exist a facility and an environment on-site at the high school that could properly engage students and the technologies they were learning. There also needed to be a comprehensive experiential strategy for the launch event, which 900 students would attend, and Unlocking the Truth, Murrow Gospel Choir, pianist David Fleuranvil, and Alicia Keys would all perform.


YummyColours designed the Music x Technology experience: the room from floor plan to color concepts to furniture and interior design, working with Edward Rubiera for an affecting on-site mural. YC also collaborated with Michael Belcher to direct and shoot the event video, featuring the students, Alicia Keys, and other participants. Through YummyColours’ spatial design, students now study in state-of-the-art facilities including a new media lab, with an isolated recording booth and mobile recording carts, computers, drum sets, sound booths and editing technologies.


Client: Levi's
Agency: ImprintProjects
Creative Direction: YummyColours
Director: Michael Belcher
Photography: Alex Beck
Editing: Laura Tommaselli
Mural Artist: Edward Ubiera
Event Coordination: Claudine Goin
Content Production: Claire MacDonald, Mai Fujiwara

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