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James Allen recognized a disconnect between its media content and engagement from its male consumer base, particularly in terms of their knowledge of the product and their conversion rate. YummyColours was brought in to conceptualize a series of social campaigns with the end goal of conversion and brand recognition, while maintaining a unique, differentiated voice and visual presence.


To broaden the approachability and relatability of the James Allen experience, YummyColours conceived of a series of playful campaigns to engage both male and female audiences across the brand’s digital channels. For each of the campaign’s series, YummyCoulours developed the creative concept, including storyboards and scripts, and saw the creative through from direction to post-production.

Art of Proposing
The first of the digital assets was a series of animated gifs titled the “The Art of Proposing.” These were designed to drive traffic and shareability from Facebook and Instagram, with both content and voice targeting the “modern man” by humorously offering advice for the big moment—proposal. With this series, YummyColours directed content with a clear focus on broadening male-based engagement, while providing clever content to bolster brand experience for both male and female consumers.

Influencer Videos
Each video was informed by research on the three most searched questions for ring shoppers: How much should it cost? How do I know if the diamond is real? How do I figure out ring size? The content wittily provided advice targeted to men on the cusp of proposing.

For this second series, YummyColours concepted and directed influencer videos to be dispersed across James Allen’s social channels. They partnered with blogger and media maven Stacy Tasman of “How He Asked.” Tasman was the perfect voice for James Allen’s endearing, lighthearted visual and tonal storyline, and her influencer credibility strengthened the messaging and accessibility of the content.


Purchase conversion rates as a direct result of video engagement were up nearly 8% for males and 55% for females, with the campaign outperforming all other James Allen digital video media employed that year.


Client: James Allen
Creative Direction: YummyColours
Photography: Adrian Mesko, Julia Comita
Prop Stylist: Morgan Levine, Teresa Herrmann
Wardrobe: Dianna Lunt
Production: Anchor Light

Credits Video

Client: James Allen
Creative Direction: YummyColours
Director: Michael R. Belcher
Prop Stylist: Morgan Levine
Groomer: Chihiro Richter
Wardrobe: Shelby Fox
Production: Anchor Light
Editor + FX: Konrad and Paul
Colorist: Irving Harvey
Sound: Colin Alexander

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Yc ja influencer video 2

Diamond FAQ
Stacey Tasman of How He Asked explains exactly what you need to know before buying an engagement ring.

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