Brand Identity


Dropel is a primarily B2B fabric tech company that makes clothing “lifeproof” by sustainably reinventing natural fabrics. YummyColours recognized a dissonance between the compelling technical, sustainable, and scientific novelty of Dropel’s performance-enhanced fabrics, and their broader communications and presentations design. Dropel needed a makeover, one which encapsulated all of its uniqueness and showcased its tech and science characteristics alongside its relatable, function-forward purpose.


YummyColours set forth to rebrand Dropel by creating a naming system for each of its fabric offerings, and by implementing a 360° visual identity associable with each of the fabric’s functions. Every step of the rebranding intentionally incorporated the multi-layer messaging of the Dropel brand, highlighting innovation, sustainability, and technology.


The four core Dropel fabrics boasted features specific to Rain Performance, Moisture Wicking/Repelling, Wrinkle Resistance/Stain Repellent, and Fast Drying/Abrasion Resistance.

YummyColours implemented a naming system, respectively, as follows:

Pluvia, the Latin word for “rain”.
Kotira, inspired by “quotidian” and the everyday usability of the wicking/repelling technology.
Vidia, a play off the Latin word for life, “vita”, referencing the comprehensive “lifeproof” nature of the anti-wrinkle, anti-stain fabric for the day-to-day.
Duria, a nod to the durability and increased lifespan of this particular fabric in relation to untreated fabrics.

The naming structure also implemented quippy taglines to quickly, memorably translate the function of each fabric.

Visual Identity

To synthesize the innovation, sustainability, and technology on the larger scale, YummyColours conceived of a branding system that engaged all Dropel collateral, sample kits and demonstration materials. With a focus on interactive presentation and clarity of brand services, YummyColours designed a visual system of icons that represents the fabrics’ distinct functions and exemplifies circumstances in which to use each: in rain, everyday, in activity, and on-the-go. The icons maintain a consistent throughline in the overall visual design of the company.

One of Dropel’s main contact points with developers and interested clients is the trade show circuit. To engage these audiences, YummyColours conceived and brought to life a test kit package that includes a pipette and fabric sample, allowing easy-to-use demonstrations of the water-resistant benefits of each fabric.

YummyColours also developed a “fabric record” for the trade show set-up. When liquid is dropped onto a spinning fabric sample, its repelling qualities are demonstrated in a one-of-a-kind moment. The overall presentation design brings clarity to Dropel’s products and helps solidify the company as a leading innovator of natural fabrics in the apparel industry.


Client: Dropel
Creative Direction: YummyColours
Photographer: Julia Comita

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