Common Thread

Visual Identity


Common Thread is a consultancy company that uses community insights, behavioral science, public health, and marketing to bring healthcare solutions to communities in need. YummyColours recognized that while “Common Thread” holistically references what the company’s mission is in the abstract, its message is muddled by more generic associations with clothing companies or other more literal interpretations of the name.


YummyColours jumped in to ensure the Common Thread name is thoroughly explained, understood, and appropriately associated with its abstract and mission-oriented ideals. The project consisted of a full visual, motion graphic, color, and text redesign. The new branding centers around the graphics of a circle and a square, which respectively contain a “C” and “T”.

The circle and square share two visual commonalities. First, despite various rotation angles or formats, each has one open side so it is perpetually sharing a point of contact with the other. Second, each shape contains interior texts, interchangeable from the “C” and “T” to brand statements that highlight mission, approach, and objective.

YummyColours developed the visual identity as a dynamic, flexible system in which the circle and square combine in different ways to create new shapes. Each iteration functions as the recipient for branded expressions, written inside the “frame” of the new shape.

In addition to this aspect of the new brand ecosystem, YummyColours designed Common Threads’ color scheme to keep pace with the energy of the brand, its mission, and its content. Extending to logo, favicon, infographics, motion diagrams, and digital presence, the comprehensive redesign brings a smart twist to visual representations of the company’s incredible work around the world.

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