Afterpay Bondi Mint

Custom Colour by Pantone

Afterpay’s new identity was developed as a resolute evolution of the brand and its services to unite the messaging across multiple regions and demographics.

YummyColours used this unique opportunity to design a custom new signature color for Afterpay in collaboration with Pantone Color Institute: Afterpay Bondi Mint.

Welcome this new “IT” hue and the next pioneering chapter for Afterpay: an energetic evolution of a service that’s built on trust, champions connection, and rewards everyone. Simultaneously, this new era pays homage to the brand’s Australian roots that have expanded far beyond home to reach millions around the world.

Offering a steady departure from the once-ruled palettes of millennial pink, Afterpay Bondi Mint exists as place for authenticity and transparency; a place where nothing is an afterthought. Designed for futurists and optimists alike, Afterpay is showcasing a commitment and promise made to push the envelope in service of their own service, for the betterment of everyone.

Photography: Aaron Bernstein

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“Colour is one of the easiest and most effective ways to highlight to a consumer the unique qualities and promise behind the brand, because the color a brand chooses to present themselves is the most tangible representation of who they are".

Laurie Pressman, VP at Pantone Color Institute

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