Brand Architecture

YummyColours creates an all-encompassing global language for the leading fintech brand Afterpay deepening its visual identity with a new logo, signature color, and an extensive system for expression across physical and digital platforms.

Afterpay’s new identity was developed as a resolute evolution of the brand and its services to unite the messaging across multiple regions and demographics. YummyColours reimagined the two arrows prominent in the original logo design into a linked, continuous form that evokes balance and interconnectedness. The resulting logo represents how the relationships between Afterpay, their partner merchants and customers are continually strengthened each time they interact with one another.

Pantone Images: Aaron Bernstein

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Brand Architecture

Afterpay’s new identity is an evolution of the brand and its services. The new mark embodies the brand’s values and retains the balance
of the previous symbol, combining the existing two triangles into a new, continuous shape.

The interconnected brand mark expresses how Afterpay acts as a link between the company, merchants, and customers. This loop represents the way the relationship among all parties is continually strengthened each time they interact with one another.

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Afterpay Bondi Mint

YummyColours used this unique opportunity to design a custom new signature color for Afterpay in collaboration with Pantone: Afterpay Bondi Mint. “Color is one of the easiest and most effective ways to highlight to a consumer the unique qualities and promise behind the brand,” notes Laurie Pressman, VP at Pantone Color Institute, “because the color a brand chooses to present themselves is the most tangible representation of who they are. Bondi Mint boldly anchors Afterpay’s visual language, distinguishing the brand within the landscape of Buy Now Pay Later companies, and rooting it in youthful, forward-thinking Australian culture with human connection at the core.

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Italian Plate No2 Expanded is Afterpay primary typeface. It is bold and modern, classic and friendly. Its geometry is balanced and its soft angles express friendliness. It has character but is not flashy or trendy.
It makes an unmistakable statement, and works as functional typography across digital platforms and print materials.

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Grid System

A simple grid system was developed for print, OOH, and digital ads. For consistency across the variety of formats and proportions, branding is applied on a solid Afterpay Bondi Mint background, while messaging live on a solid secondary colour block. A secondary colour is carefully selected to compliment the photography the ad features.
The grid span with two or three equal sections: messaging on secondary colour block, an image, and Afterpay branding on Bondi Mint.
Vertical ads are image focused where messaging is applied to the left side of the layout and branding appears on the right. Digital ads are divided into two sections—photo and messaging plus branding on Bondi Mint.

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