Make it Brilliant Campaign


Pantone recognized a disparity in consumer recognition of their capabilities and the work they do, which operated within the three sectors of print/graphic, fashion/home, and plastic/3D. Pantone was looking for a campaign that would clearly and engagingly convey these capabilities and introduce the company’s trend and consulting services.


The campaign employed the tagline “Make it Brilliant.” The dual meanings of “brilliant,” both a strong, noticeable color and intellectual acuteness, provided the guiding voice for the visuals and copy. It functioned to speak to each audience segment: creatives, to inspire boldness; color trendsetters, to inspire insight; retail consumers, to inspire product choices that are colorful, shining, and noticeable; and Pantone internally, to inspire excellence in their craft.


The campaign articulated the story of “creating with color” by visually conveying dimensionality within each of the three areas of Pantone’s core products or services. The direction expressed a storyline, versus focus on product, and featured a set of triptychs to evoke the three sectors of Pantone’s services. Each of the vignettes emphasized the unique properties of color and how it affects surfaces or mediums: Print and graphic color books are used to create 2D flat objects (paper); Fashion and home color books are used for material that translates from 2D to covers multi-dimensional objects; Plastics chips are used as foundational material, functioning as the base of 3D objects. The result was an ethereal visual series, colorblocked and conveying the dynamism of strong, affecting colors, unified with the tagline “Make it Brilliant.”


Client: Pantone
Agency: Sub Rosa
Creative Direction: Diego Marini
Art Direction: Christina Latina
Words: Lauren Mann
Photography: Sarah Silver
Dancers: Jaqlin Medlock, Natalie Mackessy, Jenna Pollock
Lights: Benji Kayne

Pantone makeitbrilliant
Pantone makeitbrilliant2
Pantone makeitbrilliant3
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