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We are super excited to share our latest news:

We are finally and officially launching YC Lab!

Our first topic is: Beyond_: Body Diversity - Dismantling Our Defaults.

Campaigns includeplus size models in the name of “Body Positivity” and “Body Diversity,” but what do these phrases mean? Many of today’s brands place plus-size models in their campaigns. However, that act is often a mere lip-service to those phrases; this is the easy way out. There is more to it than what their model looks like. How can we as creatives move brands beyond surface-level gestures? We want to define what “Body Diversity” and “Body Positivity” means. How can we help make meaningful choices? How do we ensure that the campaigns we put out into the world do not replicate systemic structures of exclusion?

During this event, we will have two brilliant speakers: Darien LaBeach and Nicole Dei!

Darien LaBeach is a Brooklyn-based actor and comedic storyteller daylighting as a strategist at a global advertising agency. He is devoted to improving diverse representation & inclusion and healing a culture of toxic masculinity. He regularly speaks on panels on topics across advertising & marketing strategy, diversity & inclusion, and creative performance.


Nicole Dei is a Jersey native living in Brooklyn, NY. From 9-5, she manages campaign budgets as an Account Coordinator at HBO under the consumer marketing department. After work, she dedicates her time to her podcast, The Naked Truth with Nicole Dei, where she interviews diverse guests while promoting body positivity for everyBODY. She hopes listeners of the podcast can connect to the different stories and realize that you only have one body – we might as well learn to love it.

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