YummyColours™ are designers of experiences and articulators of brands.


Brands are at their best when they’re felt, when we connect with them. By working to reveal the core of our clients’ ethos and aspirations, we create the most evocative and strategic activations, from visual identity and content, to immersive environments, using our global network of creative talent. Our mission is to create resounding impact.

We believe in influence through experience.



Design must have purpose: we ensure our work balances sharp strategic thinking with strong design work – a recipe for success calls for both.

Dedication means being there: our directors will be a constant presence – they work closely with clients and creative talent from start to finish, and everywhere in between.

Every project is a big deal: your challenges are our challenges, and we don’t take them lightly – we treat every client as if their company was ours, too.

Brand is a shared experience: we consider all of our work as a form of ‘experience’, whether it’s a physical space, a digital one, or simply a brand identity or tagline. They should create memories and shared moments.

Burst the bubble: we believe in the value of connectedness. Just as we want to join up clients with their audiences, we want to feel joined up to the world around us: with every signed contract, we give 1% of our creative fee to a charity of the client’s choice.


Brand strategy & identity

Editorial direction

Campaign concept & execution

Art direction & production

UX/UI & digital activations

Spatial & experience design


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Denize Maaløe

Founder / Creative Director


With a design sensibility influenced by her native Denmark, Denize is a master of clean shapes and bright colors, and possesses a great ability to tell stories through visuals. She has worked in Paris, London and New York, counting as clients major design fairs, contemporary art galleries, and leading design publications – crossing easily between environments, print and digital. She’s also an activist, using her skill to promote animal rights, women’s empowerment, and sustainability.

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Diego Marini

Founder / Creative Director


Born the son of a typographer in Verona, Italy, design has always been a part of Diego’s life. He began his career designing branding for Italian sportswear labels before moving to Paris as digital art director for Watoo, and eventually co-founding UP! creative studio. Diego relocated to New York in 2010, working with several major brands such as Diane von Furstenberg, Nike and Pantone, winning a Clio Award for a book on DVF he designed for Rizzoli. He’s often to be found on two wheels, drinking coffee or nose deep in a freshly printed magazine, taking in its inky smell.

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Connie Lui

Creative Director

A native New Yorker, Connie is a Creative Director, photo enthusiast and foodie. Her body of work spans across many mediums from branding to print publications to digital projects and experiential campaigns. With one pinky toe in fashion, she is also the co-founder of We Are Owls, an accessory brand. She is often found gallery hopping, jamming to the top 50, and collecting aspirational images on Pinterest.

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Krystal Greven

Project Manager

As a Midwesterner born and bred, Krystal brings a Minnesota-nice to her cultivated communication strategies. With a liberal arts background, years of experience, and many countries traveled, she combines her interests in photography, cooking, and cats with her innate love for perfectionism to form the role of Project Manager.

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Malik Hinds


Born in Florida and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Malik has possessed an eye for design since his childhood. He received his first copy of Photoshop in the sixth grade and hasn’t looked back since, spending his free time learning and practicing the art of design from a very young age. Both inside and outside of the office, he is intrigued by how effective communication through design evokes emotions in people and uses that to kindle his passion for his work. When he hasn’t immersed himself in his work and many personal projects, you might see Malik cruising to your local skatepark or stuck in front of his sewing machine on a rainy day!

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Katie Osborne


Influenced by the strange swamp-scape of her home state of Florida, Katie is a designer partial to bright colors and bold patterns. Her years of experience as a graphic designer in NYC’s architecture world gave her a knack for distilling complex information into straightforward visuals. You might also find her styling vintage clothing, hiking in a national park, or persuading her friends to watch a horror movie.

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Sara Gobbo

Business Developer

A natural matchmaker with an eye for demand and offer in any industry sector and span of life, Sara Gobbo covered roles in Communications and Marketing in mainstream and luxury retail in Europe, North America and Asia. She has a good understanding of the needs of brands when it comes to sharing a message, be it a product, a value, an event, a concept or else. An artist in her free time, she can easily connect a brand's needs with the best skills available in the market. She is a proud member of the YummyColours team.

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